Packing Tips

Packing your goods properly would ensure that your goods are not harmed in any way. The chances of the damage happening would be very less. In order to ensure that your goods reach your destination safely here are a few tips:

  Make sure all the electrical items are packed in a way that they are waterproofed. If you are packing the refrigerator, make sure you have closed a refrigerator for a few days and it is completely dry. You could also story large but light goods like soft toys and pillows in it as well.

  Instead of garment bags pack the clothes in wooden boxes lined with paper.

  Pack only one or two lampshades per box and make sure you use white paper for lining and not newspapers.

  For glasses and other fragile items, double bubble wrap each item individually and make sure you mention fragile and which side goes up on the box.

  Use only high quality packing material.

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