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As stated in our mission statement, Om Relocation with to make their client’s lives as simple as possible. So, since we had already created huge storage spaces to ensure the goods that our clients entrust with us remain safe at all costs, we have decided to lend out these storage spaces without warehousing and storage services.

Our storage facilities are both short and long term, as in the clients who have storage needs for long terms can enter into long term contracts with us. Usually the online stores utilize this service, as they can store goods in different cities so that when the customer orders the goods, they can send it directly from the warehouse itself.

Our short term storage facilities are for the clients who might have a need for additional storage for a limited period of time, they can hire the warehouse space for the limited time that they require and they would be billed only according to the space and the time that the warehousing and storage facility has been used.

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